Moa Gustafsson Söndergraard: Moving through

On 31 January, Moa Gustafsson Söndergraard’sexhibition opens at apiece, a showcase-style gallery strategically focused on autonomous artistic expression.

The work Moving through is a research of movement and the physical aspect of walking

using geological and anthropological perspectives. The artist asks: what does it mean to be a human today as we physically move through the world? What paths are created and what questions arise as we explore our surroundings? What is our relationship with the outside world when we are spending ever more time in the virtual one?

The first version of Moving through was created during a three-month residency in Berlin (2023). This paper sculpture is based on thinking about the difference between moving in the cityscape in comparison to nature. The work reflects on how our body is changing the environment we are moving through by the traces we leave behind, but also how we ourselves are changed physically by the places we encounter. According to the artist, “since then I have been reading and writing and seeking more experience of being a moving vessel in the 21st century.”

The exhibition venue becomes an extension of the work itself: placed in apiece, thework Moving through creates a new dialog with the gallery space. Taking into account the shape of the space, the artist has created a rectangular sculpture in which cotton ropes are threaded through the sculpture and attached diagonally to the walls of the gallery, so that the sculpture floats within it.

Moa Gustafsson Söndergaard’s (1991) work is situated around materials and places we surround ourselves with. She is interested in the memories these places and objects carry with them and how they shape both us and our society. Her practice is based on the method of field research. She collects materials, images and objects from different places and uses them as starting points for her work.

Materials that reoccur in her work are clay, hemp thread and paper. She is drawn to materials that have a sense of resistance and are easily altered or cast into a shape, as well as to materials that are connected to nature in some way or carry a narrative of their own.

More about artist: www.moagustafssonsondergaard.se

Exhibition curators: Milena Černiakaitė and Aušra Trakšelytė

Communication: Menų komunikacija

Graphic design: Marek Voida

Exhibition is partly funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Nordic Culture Point.

Exhibition open until 11 March 2024

Exhibition is open 24/7