apiece gallery installation @ArtVilnius’19 fair

Gallery apiece at Art Fair ArtVilnius’19 | Stand 5.25

A first-time participant at Art Fair ArtVilnius’19, gallery apiece will exhibit a work Untitled Baby Blue (2019) by artist  Tine Bek (Denmark).

apiece is a gallery in the centre of Vilnius (Didžioji st. 38) exhibiting a single artwork of contemporary visual art or a design object at a time. The gallery transcends the usual standards of exhibition spaces by not having exhibition openings or working hours or days (24/7), while the artworks/objects are presented in a space that the viewer sees through a display window. In order not to distance ourselves from the exhibition format, during the art fair the work Untitled Baby Blue (2019) by Tine Bek will be presented behind a construction reminiscent of a window. 

With an interest in identity, roles and expectations, Bek’s work investigates the rhythm and sometimes absurdity of our society by looking at the architecture, interiors and objects we choose to surround ourselves with.

Untitled Baby Blue is a part of a project titled Comfort Sculptures where in the artist is investigating our dependence on comfort both in relation to the objects and architecture around us but equally concerning our hunt for luxury and perfection within. Looking into the materials which form the core of our everyday, Comfort Sculptures portray the materiality and awkwardness of foam, and its many possibilities. 

According to the artist, within the project, I look at sculpture as something temporary rather than fixed. There is a certain playfulness involved in the production of the works and by testing out the shapes and forms that can be created using materials which normally have a very different and more “useful” function.

Tine Bek is a Copenhagen based artist working within the realm of photography, film and installation. She studied photography at Glasgow School of Art and has taken part in both group and solo exhibitions in South America, Scandinavia, and in the US.