Vladas Urbanavičius: Dvispalvis

On 15 May, exhibition of Vladas Urbanavičius, laureate of the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Arts, opens at “apiece”, a showcase-style gallery strategically focused on autonomous artistic expression.

The sculptor had a bunch of proposals for the showcase-type space, so it was quite a challenge to focus on “just one thing” that the object should be or do. The sculptor also said that the gallery itself presented a challenge, since it is neither a standard enclosed space, nor a public space in its usual sense. Moreover, one side of the gallery is oriented towards M. K. Čiurlionis Street (a more urban space), while the other side faces nature (S. Kymantaitė-Čiurlionienė Square). In the ambiguity of this “closed vs. open”, “culture vs. nature” space, Urbanavičius’ “Bicoloured” is wedged into the gallery space that is itself framed by its windows. The work remains monumental without being dominant, and retains the characteristic features of the sculptor’s work: attention to material and a subtle sense of form and of exhibition space.

Sculptor Vladas Urbanavičius was born in 1951. He graduated from the State Art Institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts) in 1977. Since 1976 he has been participating in exhibitions, and since 1978 in sculpture plein air exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad. Urbanavičius’ sculptures are of unambiguous constructions, generalized monumental volumes and reductionist shapes. The author’s works have been acquired by private collections as well as Lithuanian National Art Museum, National M. K. Čiurlionis Art Museum, and the MO Museum in Vilnius.

Exhibition curators: Milena Černiakaitė and Aušra Trakšelytė

Communication: Menų Komunikacija

Graphic design: Marek Voida

Exhibition partly funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality

Exhibition open 24/7