Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas: Envisioned Comfort

Marija Puipaitė & Vytautas Gečas
Envisioned Comfort

Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas merged their two different design practices into one object, using a fantasy as a their starting point. This resulted in a series of different types of chairs which have the same principal of construction. This time it’s a seat based on the ergonomics of a saddle.

One of them had a fantasy about an object that could bring a womb-like pleasure, meaning – the ultimate satisfaction that the material environment can give. 

This abstract mode of thinking allows to erase what we know about domestic objects and opens up the possibility to re-think and re-create them. The same way the mind gives a clear body to the fantasy by restraining it, the construction defines and forms a fluid shape into an ergonomic entity.

mgmn: .~≈≈

mgmn: .~≈≈

apiece gallery presents a visualization of one ton of coloured smoke being discharged into an active volcanic crater. A project was named under emoji type title: .~≈≈  and is produced by mgmn brand.

Aušra Trakšelytė: DELAY (video loop, 2’, 2019)

Aušra Trakšelytė
DELAY (video loop, 2’, 2019)

The Agreement DĮ 02-0023 of July 30, 2018, signed in Plungė near the Babrungas river, attests that Aušra Trakšelytė acquired the status of an active artist for a year. More precisely, Juozas Laivys, an artist who had suspended his creative activity, transferred it to her. Immersed in this situation of non-identical identity, this winter she accepted another challenge – to participate in the VAA doctoral exhibition instead of Juozas Laivys, currently a doctoral student in Fine Arts at the same institution. This gave Aušra the impetus to produce her first artwork and actualise her identity as an active artist.

This conscious decision is stipulated by an artistic statement: to produce only one work and present it in a single exhibition during the year. In a curious coincidence, in the autumn of 2018 Aušra Trakšelytė became a co-founder of a single-piece window gallery together with her colleague Milena CM. This coincidence complements and implements her artistic concept. For the same reason, Aušra’s work DELAY is presented not in the Titanikas space, but in the aforementioned apiece gallery (located at Didžioji Str. 38 in Vilnius), open 24/7.

DELAY consists of three short lo-fi videos captured in different years and seasons in various cities using different models of the iPhone, united by the common denominator of motion. However, it is unclear whether motion was what impressed the author when she pushed the record button. The work addresses the migration of different disciplines and the possible creative scenarios for becoming established in the art world, as well as the depreciation of images and the freedom of decision delays.

Aušra Trakšelytė (b. 1981 in Plungė) is an artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Up to date, she has not presented her work in group and solo shows, or received any art awards. 

apiece is a window gallery exhibiting a single artwork of contemporary visual art or a design object at a time. The format of apiece exhibitions inspired a wish to encourage viewers to do their own research about the author of the artwork/object and contemporary art in general.

Ulijona Odišarija: Softening (bedside chest)

Ulijona Odišarija: Softening (bedside chest)

A bedside chest in a rented room is dreaming itself being a meadow. 

Ulijona Odišarija lives and works in London. She completed Masters in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art in 2016. Ulijona makes videos, photography, texts, objects and installations. 

Her practice is led by internal, sometimes dream logic and intuition. She uses and recreates found images, memories and the artefacts and observations of the everyday. She makes music and sometimes dj’s as Sweatlana and Former Child Star and is a founding member and vocalist of a band Steve & Samantha.

Her work has been presented at Toronto International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada), Close Up Cinema, ICA, Chalton and IMT galleries (London, UK), Contemporary Art Centre and National Art Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania), Import Projects (Berlin, Germany), LIMA Foundation and PAKT (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Showroom (New York, USA) and was published in a book on young Lithuanian photography ‘Like there’s no tomorrow’ (Rupert, 2013) and ‘Lithuanian Photography: Yesterday And Today’ (Union Of The Lithuanian Art Photographers, 2016).

Linas Kutavičius (in collaboration with Marius Lukošius): Fiber Tree

Linas Kutavičius (in collaboration with Marius Lukošius): Fiber Tree

apiece presents the third exhibition ‘Fiber Tree’ by Linas Kutavičius (in collaboration with Marius Lukošius). The materiality of the light installation is important. It contains a discontinued Internet fiber cable or fiber optic (gigabytes) spread out in the space. Rotating fibers are producing different configurations while repeating and creates unique experience when they are lightening up.

Fiber Tree is a digital accident visualization. This artwork subtly criticizes today’s one of the biggest addictions and makes us think about the time we spend browsing the Internet. The gigabytes which are distributed by the light installation would be sufficient for all Vilnius users, although they will still remain without reaching the addressee. This is an installation in which the excess of the information is transformed into a fascinating light.

Linas Kutavičius (born in 1979) is one of the most consistent light artists in Lithuania. He designs and manufactures functional light objects for interior and exterior. The artist experiments with various materials and instruments, extracting unexpected illuminating forms (

Since 1997 Kutavičius actively participates in exhibitions, artistic projects, music festivals and other cultural events in Lithuania and abroad.

Arūnas Gudaitis: Plaster Bust of Socrates With the Beard Shaved by Sculptor

Arūnas Gudaitis: Plaster Bust of Socrates With the Beard Shaved by Sculptor

The piece “Plaster Bust of Socrates With the Beard Shaved by The Sculptor” (black and white photograph) is part of the cycle (series) of artworks “White Series” that Arūnas Gudaitis first introduced at the “Political / Poetical” exhibition at the Tallinn Exhibition Palace (Estonia), and in 2008, exposed at the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius. The plaster beard of the bust, titled “Rolled Away”, was presented at “Sparrows” exhibition (2012), while the digital photographic print of Socrates was shown at the exhibition “Part of a Larger Whole. Lithuanian Contemporary Art” (2013). The artist exposed the rock crystal version of the beard, “Crystal”, at his solo exhibition “Pieces and Parts” (2014) at the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius. The original plaster bust of the artwork has not been exhibited before, and thus is presented for the first time at the apiece single artwork gallery (Didžioji St. 38, Vilnius).

According to “Lithuanian Art 2000–2010: Ten Years” exhibition catalogue, “…Arūnas Gudaitis sent for a copy of Socrates bust from the factory of dummies in St. Petersburg”. In Vilnius, the artist handed it over to another sculptor, who, in implementing the idea of ​​Gudaitis, “shaved” Socrates‘ beard “(p. 24). The artist‘s deed, i.e. the “shaving” off the philosopher‘s beard, is an accurate description of the act characteristic of Gudaitis‘ creative work that is sculptural in the traditional meaning of the word and, to the same degree, also (post)conceptual.

Arūnas Gudaitis (born in 1973) lives and works in Vilnius. He studied sculpture at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. The artist has been participating in exhibitions in Lithuania and other countries since 2001. Gudaitis has held his solo exhibitions at “Kunstraum Aarau” in Switzerland (2003), the “Display” gallery in Prague (2003) and the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius (2008, 2014). The artist’s works have been exposed at a number of international art shows, including the following: “Faster Than History” at the Kiasma contemporary art museum in Helsinki (2004), “Ex-voto: dans l’art contemporain” at the Palais du Tau in Reims (2008), “Il gatto è sul tavolo / The Cat Is On the Table” at the “SpazioA” gallery in Pistoia (2011), and „Artapes. Fast-Forwarded” at the MAXXI National museum of the 21st century arts in Rome (2018). In 2007, the KUMU art museum in Tallinn awarded Arūnas Gudaitis its prize for his “White Series”, and also included his work into the museum collection.

Misshapen X apiece @gallery weekend Vilnius

Misshapen X apiece @gallery weekend Vilnius

MISSHAPEN is a debut collection of hand-made porcelain jewellery-objects created in 2018 by Milena CM.

In her creative work Milena focuses on the organic features of the end product investigating how human hands could develop objects that are otherwise found in nature.

Milena CM (1985) is an art director, cultural project curator & sole artist behind MISSHAPEN. Milena graduated in Culture Management and in her practice often applies the knowledge gained in her studies. For many years she was involved in restaurant business, including nightclub Satta, ŠMC kavinė, vegetarian café Vieta and Arts Printing House café Prieš ir Po – having established and managed the last two.

In 2015 Milena left the business world and since then has been successfully using this experience and knowledge working with various cultural projects – photography publications, exhibitions and contemporary art communication.

She spent the last couple of years in Berlin where she worked in the field of contemporary art and was responsible for the communication and development of activities of, a gallery space representing Internet art.

The time spent in Berlin and the work in the field of contemporary art encouraged creative self-expression, in 2018 she launched first solo project – MISSHAPEN.