Linas Kutavičius (in collaboration with Marius Lukošius): Fiber Tree

Linas Kutavičius (in collaboration with Marius Lukošius): Fiber Tree

apiece presents the third exhibition ‘Fiber Tree’ by Linas Kutavičius (in collaboration with Marius Lukošius). The materiality of the light installation is important. It contains a discontinued Internet fiber cable or fiber optic (gigabytes) spread out in the space. Rotating fibers are producing different configurations while repeating and creates unique experience when they are lightening up.

Fiber Tree is a digital accident visualization. This artwork subtly criticizes today’s one of the biggest addictions and makes us think about the time we spend browsing the Internet. The gigabytes which are distributed by the light installation would be sufficient for all Vilnius users, although they will still remain without reaching the addressee. This is an installation in which the excess of the information is transformed into a fascinating light.

Linas Kutavičius (born in 1979) is one of the most consistent light artists in Lithuania. He designs and manufactures functional light objects for interior and exterior. The artist experiments with various materials and instruments, extracting unexpected illuminating forms (www.lightforms.lt).

Since 1997 Kutavičius actively participates in exhibitions, artistic projects, music festivals and other cultural events in Lithuania and abroad.