Misshapen X apiece @gallery weekend Vilnius

Misshapen X apiece @gallery weekend Vilnius

MISSHAPEN is a debut collection of hand-made porcelain jewellery-objects created in 2018 by Milena CM.

In her creative work Milena focuses on the organic features of the end product investigating how human hands could develop objects that are otherwise found in nature.

Milena CM (1985) is an art director, cultural project curator & sole artist behind MISSHAPEN. Milena graduated in Culture Management and in her practice often applies the knowledge gained in her studies. For many years she was involved in restaurant business, including nightclub Satta, ŠMC kavinė, vegetarian café Vieta and Arts Printing House café Prieš ir Po – having established and managed the last two.

In 2015 Milena left the business world and since then has been successfully using this experience and knowledge working with various cultural projects – photography publications, exhibitions and contemporary art communication.

She spent the last couple of years in Berlin where she worked in the field of contemporary art and was responsible for the communication and development of activities of panke.gallery, a gallery space representing Internet art.

The time spent in Berlin and the work in the field of contemporary art encouraged creative self-expression, in 2018 she launched first solo project – MISSHAPEN.