Nerijus Erminas Sacrifice

apiece gallery exhibiting a single contemporary visual art and/or object of conceptual design is presenting Nerijus Erminas’ work “Sacrifice”.

Nerijus Erminas’ creative strategy is to construct new works of spatial art by deconstructing various materials, shapes, objects, or their parts. The creative process of this “deconstruction in order to construct” is carried out not only formally but also conceptually, as each of Erminas’ works conveys a multifaceted narrative. On the one hand, such a narrative is associated with the continuation of the tradition of modernist assemblage (not in two-dimensional, but in three-dimensional format), on the other hand, thanks to the integrated socio-cultural context, it is a reflection of the postmodern world.

In the work “Sacrifice” presented at “apiece” gallery, various shapes and materials are placed following a principle that comes close to creating scenography, as the author is delving into connections between things, objects and elements. The parts of the work are scattered across space and do not follow the principal of integrality found in sculpture, but rather engage the viewer in a dialogue with the environment, i.e. the exposition space which becomes an integral element of the work. By creating the conditions necessary for various experiences, the artist provokes the viewer not only to observe but also to examine. Associative links that bind different elements of the work together engage the viewer in an endless spectrum of ritual meanings. As one looks at these different parts of the work while circling around the showcase-type gallery, a certain ritual is performed that is possibly only known to the artist and is based not on rites but on language of contemporary art.

Nerijus Erminas (b. 1976) is a conceptual sculptor who has been participating in exhibitions since 2003 and has been organizing solo exhibitions since 1997. He was awarded the prize for the best sculpture (“Squirrel and Wall”, presented by gallery AV17) at the 2012 contemporary art fair “ArtVilnius”.

Exhibition curators: Milena Černiakaitė and Aušra Trakšelytė

Graphic designer: Marek Voida

The exhibition is partly funded by the LATGA Creative Activities Fund.

The exhibition: February 25th – March 22th, 2022.

The exhibition is open 24/7.