Remigijus Praspaliauskas Wall Carpet HOMAGE TO ČIURLIONIS


Contemporary Wall Carpet questioning the authority of the first emoji. Is it possible that the author of the first emoji – Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis?

This theory about the emoji of a smiling face is based on a single fragment of a drawing found in one of Čiurlionis‘ sketchbooks. The reconstruction of the drawn fragment into the contemporary artwork by R. Praspaliauskas invites to wonder, if the original emoji was some kind of “message” left by Čiurlionis to us – the generation of social networking. Or was it a painter’s vision of the future, where people communicate using emotion icons rather than words?



100% acrylic yarn, wood backing

H 2200 cm X W 1400 cm

Remigijus Praspaliauskas – a lyrical Samogitian gangster – is an author of texts, objects, and products. His creative practices focus on the search for surrealism rooted in words and illogical verbal constructs of the Lithuanian language, as well as in the very nature of an image. Together with his twin brother Egidijus, Remigijus is behind the well-known Egyboy fashion brand dedicated to “shake that dull reality”.