Michael Mccready FOAM LAMP (Table)


The ‘‘Foam’’ lamp is the second installment in the ‘‘Foam to Dust’’ collection. It’s soft light is perfect for creating a spiritual atmosphere mimicking the warm glow of a candle. When the lamp is off the bulb embodies the idea of self reflection.

The ‘‘Foam’’ lamp is made with Aluminium Foam. This material is strong, light and corrosion resistant.

The foam structure of the material allows to create volume and texture using a much smaller percentage of raw aluminium.

The “Foam” lamp is designed not only to satisfy the technical and aesthetic expression but also with reducing material consumption and waste. Aluminium is a highly recyclable metal with a low melting point and 75% of all aluminium producing is still in circulation today.

Each ‘‘Foam’’ Lamp is crafted by hand in our workshop and may take between 4-6 weeks to produce.