Saskia Fischer LIGHTS


LIGHTS is an installation of six hand-made neons. Possible to purchase whole installation or each object separately.

The illuminated sculptures possess an organic, bulbous, and feminine formal language, resembling phosphorescent vermicular creatures. The coloured borosilicate glass tubes contain the inert gases neon and argon. The contrast between the glass tints and the electrified gases creates a vibrant, animated visual effect. 


Light 1 (Twist) – 1400 €

Light 2 + Light 3 (Heart) – 2000 €

Light 4 (Snake) – 1800 €

Light 6 (Swirl) – 1100 €

Light 1 (Twist) – borosilicate glass (amber), neon, transformer, wire

Light 2 + Light 3 (Heart) – borosilicate glass (yellow, mid blue), argon, transformer, wire

Light 4 (Snake) – borosilicate glass (green), neon, transformer, wire

Light 6 (Swirl) – borosilicate glass (light pink), neon, transformer, wire

Light 1 (Twist) – ca. 90 cm

Light 2 + Light 3 (Heart) – ca. 70 cm + ca. 85 cm

Light 4 (Snake) – ca. 100 cm

Light 6 (Swirl) – ca. 50 cm

Saskia Fischer (Germany) is an interdisciplinary artist working with images, objects, texts, and environments. Her research is concerned with the paradigms that form and inform landscape as a reflection of cultural and social values. This research is expressed through photographs and installations synthesizing diverse media blending materials and motives from architecture, gender studies and art history. Saskia studied postgraduate fine art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2018), photography at Folkwang University in Essen (2015), and sculpture/installation at Estonian Academy of Arts (2014).