Romance and Junction Vytautas Gečas

romance & junction exhibition by Vytautas Gečas at gallery apiece

Gallery apiece, dedicated to presenting single artworks of contemporary visual art or conceptual design, presents artist Vytautas Gečas‘s work romance & junction.

Creator of original design Vytautas Gečas is interested in the subjectivity of the process and result of design creation – the limits of perception, form and function. In his research (ongoing since 2018), the designer refers to the absolute devaluation of abundant and complex decor, which emerged during the Baroque and Rococo periods, in the context of today. The artist’s latest work seeks to put the elements of decor into action and give it a new, romantic meaning as well as physical value.

The creative process of romance & junction consists of an ongoing experimentation with the construction of a knot, which becomes an element that connects the structure of the piece of furniture/object into a single functional narrative. In the course of these practical experiments with contemporary materials and technologies, the knot, in turn, becomes an element that connects different styles and periods. With a playful, ingenious approach, all this is embodied in an eclectic piece of conceptual design as an interior accessory.

Vytautas Gečas (b. 1987) works in the field of conceptual design. Playing with context and the perception of the subject, he employs complexity, fragmentation, layering, and mixed references. Gečas is currently studying for a PhD in the field of design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, and his design objects are presented in international exhibitions. He also curates various design exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

Exhibition curators: Milena Černiakaitė and Aušra Trakšelytė

The exhibition is partially supported by the Vilnius City Municipality

The exhibition open from 3rd of December until 18th of January 2022.

The exhibition can be visited 24/7